July 2018


July 2018 Edition
In this issue we look at ways of removing the element of chance from your financial planning. Rone Heymans provides a concise recap of Capital Gains Tax (CGT), an element that clients often either neglect or deliberately avoid; Annemie Nieman explains why avoiding CGT can be inadvertently harmful, preventing you from achieving your financial planning objectives; and Arthie Kander highlights the impact of CGT in the event of death. All of which highlights that no financial plan is complete without paying attention to CGT.Download


The Corporate Retirement Annuity (CRA): who is your client?
A CRA is typically proposed as an alternative to an employer-provided retirement fund in instances where there are small numbers of employees. However, the membership to the RA is not dependent on the employer-employee relationship and may continue long after that relationship has ceased. Therefore, it is very important to determine who the client is, as referred to in FAIS, to ensure that the financial adviser fulfils his legal obligations.Download
Emigration, visa expiry and retirement funds
When a client decides to emigrate, or their visa expires, what are the administrative actions required to access their pension and retirement funds. We also look at how residency and emigration are defined; what happens to other retirement funds and what are the implications for income tax when viewed in the light of the Pension Fund Act and the Income Tax Act.Download
Divorce and retirement funds
What is the definition of ‘pension interest’ and how is it treated in the event of a divorce. What are the latest developments and amendments in terms of the Divorce Act and what are the tax implications (also, how does it apply in terms of the Government Employee Pension Fund). Finally, we look at how the above is relevant in terms of the Maintenance Order.Download