May 2018

From the desk of Bertie Nel

From Bertie’s desk
The only constant is change. We can choose to change with the times, take advantage of new opportunities in our industry and grow our businesses. Or we can fight the changes, refuse to adapt, and watch our businesses perish.Download


Powering the outcome-based investing conversation
Momentum is powering a new to industry concept, namely an outcome-based investing (OBI) Score. The OBI Score provides our relative assessment of the fund or portfolio’s track record in delivering a palatable investment journey geared to deliver a particular investment outcome.Download

Sales Enablers

Submission of Pace Documents to New Business – new process
All the details of the new process for submitting your documents for new business.Download


May 2018 Edition
This issue looks at the considerations of the VAT increase when it comes to Estate Planning; a day in the life of a legal adviser; the impact of financial planning on personal estate planning and other important issues.Download


Business insurance rules and regs
A useful reference tool to keep you refreshed and up-to-date on the rules and regulations governing business insurance.Download
Corporate retirement annuity (CRA)
Correcting common misperceptions surrounding the corporate retirement annuity – ie, is the employee or the employer the actual client? – and outlining the main differences between a CRA and an umbrella/standalone retirement fund.Download
Funding mechanisms for employer-provided benefits
Employer-provided benefits like medical aid and pension are useful for attracting quality employees but how do you fund them? This article breaks down the options available to employers.Download
Guide to business insurance solutions
Every business has potential issues that can be allayed or fixed with an appropriate business insurance solution. Here’s a guide to common problems that may arise and how they can potentially be addressed.Download
Income disability benefit tax rules
All the rules governing income disability tax laid out in an easy-to-read table for your convenience.Download
Share buybacks – what is involved & the legal requirements
Share buybacks are an alternative to the traditional buy and sell structure but they come with inherent risks. This info will help you to highlight the requirements and risks to the client and ensure they have a clear understanding of their options.Download

Business Assurance

Fulcrum for Individuals (FFI) – updated version
The latest version of FFI is now available. FFI is an estate and disability planning programme that financial planners can use to assist in establishing capital and income needs for clients upon death or disability. Download