April 2018


April 2018 Edition
Includes a day in the life of a legal adviser and the value they add when working with a financial adviser; why a RA remains a useful investment in terms of estate planning and revisiting the rules applicable when a member of a retirement fund dies.Download

Business Assurance - One Pagers

Asset replacement
Looking at the best way to plan for the funding of replacement costs of assets for your business and the tax implications thereof.Download
Business continuity – the buy and sell arrangement
What happens to the business if a co-owner dies prematurely or is disabled in an accident? What you need to know about putting a buy and sell arrangement in place to ensure continuity.Download
Contingent liability protection
When a business requires finance, the shareholders often have to provide personal surety for the loan. This is a risky move but there are steps that can be taken to alleviate the risk for all parties concerned.Download
Corporate retirement annuity
If you’re a small and medium enterprise, how do you ensure that your employees have access to a viable retirement fund without being burdened by the costs and admin involved in setting one up? A corporate retirement annuity is the solution.Download
Credit loan account protection
When a business starts out, it may require financing to purchase essential items and pay for expenses like telecoms, salaries, etc. But how do you prevent this loan from becoming a risk to the business? There are two options to consider – Protection and Redemption.Download
Key person protection
Effective and well-trained staff are vital to a business’s success. But what if a key employee were to die or become disabled? Key person protection allows you to ensure the life of these employees to compensate the business in the event of death or disability.Download
Lowering your marginal tax rate by contributing to a RA
The Income Tax Act permits taxpayers to deduct the contributions made to retirement funds, including retirement annuity contributions, for income tax purposes within certain limits. Read on for an example of how it works.Download
The issue of pre-funding for post-retirement medical costs is a serious matter for both employers and employees to consider. How do you structure suitable investments to house the financial provisions required to fund the liability adequately?Download
Preferred compensation
A preferred compensation scheme can help to retain and motivate a company’s most valuable employees and prevent high staff turnover, with all its attendant downsides.Download
Protect against business interruptions
A business owner becoming temporarily disabled is likely to negatively affect the business. A business can insure against this by taking out a Business Overhead Protector or Business Protector policy, ensuring that there is sufficient cash flow to sustain the business for a short period of time.Download