Nov/Dec 2019


Leverage November/December 2019
In the final edition for 2019 we focus on the duties of company directors and business insurance’s link to personal financial planning. Emile Hofmeyr summarises the most pertinent rights, duties, powers and liabilities bestowed on Directors by the Companies Act 2008 and common law. Legal adviser, Sanusha Naidoo, outlines the importance of looking at business planning holistically, including the most common business assurance solutions, with a view to ensuring the longevity of the business.Download


Buy and Sell Arrangement – accounting for premiums paid by the business
Although the buy and sell arrangement states that premiums are payable by policyholders, it is common for the business to pay premiums on behalf of shareholders/policyholders. However, if the premiums are not accounted for correctly, it can have dire income tax consequences and result in the policy proceeds being subject to estate duty.Download
Buy and Sell Arrangement – common mistakes
This article compiles the ten most common mistakes concerning the Buy and Sell Arrangement (used to ensure business continuity should an unplanned event occur. Download