September 2019


Leverage September 2019
This edition of Leverage focuses on retirement planning for the business owner, which many fail to make provision for. Amanda Moolman summarises the three most common alternatives available to business owners when planning retirement and Chris Weyer offers a handy summary of the preferred compensation options which allows owners to retire and ensure business continuity at the same time.Download

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Business continuity – the buy and sell arrangement
The buy and sell arrangement allows for continuity upon the death or disability of a business co-owner, giving them the security of knowing that their business interests will be disposed of in an orderly manner should they be unable to continue running the business.Download
Preferred compensation
A preferred compensation scheme can assist a business to retain key employees, by rewarding them with tax-free bonuses every five years, thereby reducing the cost of staff turnover and diminished productivity.Download
Retirement annuities as an investment alternative
Clients often receive a lump sum in retirement without an immediate need for the capital or income and want to protect their capital against taxes and their beneficiaries. The Retirement Annuity isn’t often thought of as an investment vehicle for retirees; this article shows why it could be considered as such.Download
Preferred compensation versus an alternative employee benefit structure
This table compares the tax implications of the preferred compensation option (used to retain and incentivise selected employees) with other similar options available to employers.Download