February 2018

From the desk of Bertie Nel

From the desk of Bertie Nel
Bertie Nel discusses a new unit for a new era - the Financial Planning Centre of Excellence.Download


Powering the OBI Conversation
A discussion on Momentum's Outcomes Based Investment (OBI) strategyDownload
Medical pre-funding process document
How to make use of the medical prefunding calculator to give your client good advice.Download
Medical pre-funding one pager
One aspect of your post retirement funding that can easily be underestimated is health care costs. Many clients find there is a big discrepancy between what they expect to pay and what they will actually pay in retirement, placing significant strain on their retirement goals and disposable income.Download
Medical aid pre-funding calculator
The Medical aid pre-funding calculator has been designed to quantify the savings required to fund (fully or partially) your clients' medical aid spend in retirement, to mitigate the impact it may have on their retirement.Download

Sales Enablers

Happy Birthday Pace
Keeping you up to date on new developments in the Pace platformDownload


January/February 2018 Edition
The January/February 2018 edition of the Leverage newsletter featuring all the latest updates from Momentum's Legal Advisers and Fiduciary SpecialistsDownload


Section 10C of the Income Tax Act
This section of the Act defines a compulsory annuity as the remainder of the retirement interest of a person payable in the form of an annuity as provided for in the definition of pension fund, retirement annuity fund and pension preservation fund. Download
Retirement fund contributions
The Taxation Laws Amendment Act, 2017, brought about the deletion of section 11(k) and the introduction of section 11F in the Act. This section prescribes the maximum deduction allowed for retirement fund contributions. Download
Disallowed Contributions
Since the introduction of the amended section 11F (retirement fund contribution deduction)and section 10C (exemption iro compulsory annuity income insofar disallowed contributions are available), many clients have made ad hoc contributions into retirement funds on an annual basis (specifically retirement annuity funds) to enjoy the exemption provided for in section 10C iro compulsory annuity income earned during that same year of assessment. Download
Approved versus Unapproved Group Life
Many employees enjoy some form of group life benefit. The benefits generally include life cover and disability benefits, income and/or lump sum disability and some group life benefits also include critical illness as well. This article focuses on the death Benefit. Download
Retirement Fund – Tax Rules
A tabular explanation of the rules for quick reference. Download

Regulatory and Compliance

What to expect in 2018...
What to expect in 2018 when it has become obvious that the only constant is change.Download
Section 7C
Promulgated on 22 January 2017, the Taxation Laws Amendment Act, 2016 introduced section 7C, which became effective from 1 March 2017. In addition, amendments introduced by the Taxation Laws Amendment Act of 2017 are effective from 19 July 2017. Section 7C was introduced to prevent trusts from being used to avoid or reduce estate duty and/or donations tax.Download